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Pontes Members



Isala is one hospital organization with five locations in Zwolle, Meppel, Steenwijk, Kampen and Heerde. In line with our motto 'close if possible, further away if necessary', we jointly guarantee the supply of basic and top care in Southwest Drenthe and Northwest Overijssel.

Isala offers more than basic care. Over the years, we have been assigned more and more special, top clinical positions. Often in recognition of the knowledge and skills that specialists had built up on their own initiative. In top clinical functions, such as cardiac- and neurosurgery and dialysis, we can compete with academic hospitals.

In order to keep the level of this care as high as possible, applied scientific research is carried out continuously. We pass on the specialist knowledge we have in house to doctors and nurses in training. Students from mbo, hbo and university can contact us for training places.


Innovation themes


Connected Care - at home if possible and in the hospital if necessary

Since the start of the Connected Care Center (CCC) in 2019, Isala has moved more and more care to the home environment of the patient. The ambition of 25% of our care at home will be specified in the coming years in beds at home, outpatient clinic appointments at home, and measurements and medication at home, always starting from the ambition to provide quality for our patients. Connected Care is therefore a means of delivering smart care.

The Medical Coordination Bureau, which has been in existence since November 2021, plays a major role in monitoring patients at home, but also in the prelude to hybrid network care in the region. In this way we can create scale and further improve the quality of monitoring.


Smart Hospital – Innovation, digitization and data

The world around us is changing rapidly. Globalization, communication and interaction of people via platforms, digitization in 'smart hospitals' and the use of data to support healthcare professionals would no longer be indispensable in daily practice. And we need that – because there are plenty of challenges ahead of us in the coming years! In the Smart Hospital program we are working on the future-proofing of Isala in the broadest sense of the word. From hospital drones to virtual reality, from serious gaming to robotization – as long as the intervention has a labor-saving and pleasure-enhancing effect.



As a top clinical hospital, we are well equipped to conduct research and effect measurement in collaboration with external parties. For example, our innovation & science office lends itself to jointly performing user tests, technical and economic feasibility studies and further research, aimed at the aforementioned innovation themes of Isala.


Contact information

Jos Knaapen - Innovation manager Isala

E-mail: j.knaapen@isala.nl

Website: www.isala.nl



UMC Utrecht

Logo UMC Utrecht


Since everyone deserves the best possible healthcare, UMC Utrecht always sets the bar high. The result: innovative, cutting-edge medical treatment that meets the healthcare needs of today and the future. We develop our unique knowledge in this respect together with patients, patient organizations and several partners. Our doctors, researchers and students join forces to solve major medical issues. Patients at UMC Utrecht receive treatment specifically geared to their specific individual needs. Everything we do is aimed at making and keeping people healthy – and at preventing sickness too.

Our vision is to create more value together, because everyone is important. Therefore the mission of the UMC Utrecht is to create the care for tomorrow, together.


Innovation focus

Equipped with a full workplace filled with machines and technological developers, our hospital offers an encouraging service to researchers and healthcare professionals. When they come up with an innovative idea for an improvement or even a completely new medical device, we encourage them and provide them with support to bring their ideas to live. When successfully developed, we look for a public-private collaboration to make sure the added value of the new innovation will be available for everyone who could benefit from it.



As our department of medical technology and clinical physics has multiple developers who are specialized in developing and improving medical devices, and who are ISO certified to create new technologies and put them into practice, we combine both research and practice. With our wide variety of equipment and knowledge from the clinic, we can be of assistance in a very broad field of innovation. 


Contact information

Sanne Banning - Innovation Manager

E-mail: S.F.Banning@umcutrecht.nl

Joris Jaspers - Head of Innovation, Medical Technology | Directie Facilitair Bedrijf, MTKF

E-mail: J.Jaspers@umcutrecht.nl

Website: www.umcutrecht.nl


Spaarne Gasthuis


Logo Spaarne Gasthuis


As a leading top clinical teaching hospital, Spaarne Gasthuis provides the best available patient care. Our hospital trains the care professionals of the future. There is a great deal of attention for scientific research and innovation in our hospital, with the aim of improving patient care even further. The Spaarne Gasthuis is a modern hospital with locations in Hoofddorp and Haarlem. Spaarne Labs is the innovation hub of the Spaarne Gasthuis hospital.



The Spaarne Gasthuis is bursting with knowledge, streamlined processes and creative ideas. But sometimes there is no time for innovation and an initiative for improvement disappears. That is why there is Spaarne Labs. We are here to facilitate innovations in healthcare. We do this by increasing people's innovative capacity. The resulting innovations ensure that we move confidently with the ever-changing world.



Helping to create a 'future agile' hospital that innovates while learning and moves confidently within a constantly changing world.


Innovation direction

1. Increasing people's capacity for innovation

2. Increasing the innovative capacity of the system

Here is a link to the Spaarne Labs portfolio - https://spaarnelabs.com/portfolio


Contact information


Priscilla Verwoert - Facilitator Innovation Spaarne Labs

E-mail: verwoert@spaarnegasthuis.nl


Kinge Bouma - Innovation doctor Spaarne Labs and SEH doctor

E-mail: kbouma@spaarnegasthuis.nl

Website: www.spaarnegasthuis.nl

Máxima MC


Logo Máxima MC


Máxima MC (MMC) is the largest health care provider in Southeastern Brabant region of the Netherlands, serving the local and international community at our two campus facility in Veldhoven and Eindhoven. MMC is a leader in specialist medical care in the areas of Perinatology, Oncology and Vitality. 


Vision & Ambition

Máxima MC aims to make Brabant healthier by offering top level medical specialist knowledge and skills. MMC is the most innovative provider of specialist medical care in the Netherlands. It is the leading partner in the region in the field of disease prevention and vitality. Our care leads to a better quality of life than that of other care providers. Science and innovation serve this vision and are distinctive at national level.


Top Clinical Care

Máxima MC is a Top Clinical (STZ) hospital, which means that, besides delivering the best medical specialist care, we focus on education, scientific research and innovation, supported by the MMC Academy. We deliver >100 new studies, >300 scientific articles and around 10 PhD defenses each year. We have a support team for researchers and innovators, providing help with epidemiology, statistics, literature searches, ethics approval, legal issues, funding and implementation. 

MMC has 13 top clinical care functions recognized by STZ and registered in the STZ 'Top Clinical Care Register': with this we show which special knowledge and expertise is present for the patient and referrer. But top clinical care in Máxima MC is more than these recognized functions. All employees of Máxima MC have an intrinsic desire to continuously improve in all areas; perhaps it is therefore wiser to speak of a top clinical climate.



Within MMC, many ideas lead to research projects and innovations that improve healthcare. In many cases this leads to improved healthcare pathways, new diagnostic tools or startups. Examples of startups are Nemo Healthcare (www.nemohealthcare.com) , Bambi Medical (www.bambi-medical.com) , Medsim (www.medsim.nl)  and more recently Juno perinatal Healthcare (https://www.junoperinatalhealthcare.com/). 


Innovative projects with high impact

We are leading a European alliance to allow the first premature child to 'mature' in an artificial womb within a few years. Our hospital plays an important role in this development.

With a new Remote Patient Management (RPM) program, we make decisions to digitally monitor chronically ill patients at home. Seriously ill patients with both chronic heart failure and COPD and a high risk of readmission are monitored at home. With this program we will achieve a demonstrably higher quality of life at the same or reduced costs.

Together with an international consortium, Máxima MC has developed a revolutionary method to make the patient fitter before surgery: prehabilitation. The patient himself plays an active role in his healing process. Before surgery, the patient receives intensive training, combined with optimal nutrition and mental support, and if necessary also advice to stop smoking. Although it seems logical, this combined approach did not exist yet 6 years ago but is now widely spread across the Netherlands and worldwide. 


Contact information

Nicole Papen-Botterhuis - Coordinator Research & Innovation

E-mail: innovatie@mmc.nl

Website: www.mmc.nl