DigitalHealthPartners is a joined force of (inter)national medical companies, (academic) medical centers, service providers, knowledge institutes and investors. The partners operate in various fields of the digital health sector, and help and support digital health entrepreneurs with their expert knowledge, services and network focused on digital solutions.

Together, DigitalHealthPartners enables the growth of digital healthcare innovations that contribute to prevention, diagnosis, monitoring, care & cure, using key-technologies such as AI, cloud-solutions and VR. We focus on promising and high quality innovations in different stages of development.

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We are noticing more and more medical solutions in prevention, diagnosis and monitoring where sensors, e-health and AI play an important role. The rise of digital health solutions is a domain where MedtechPartners can add great additional value with a similar partner network. This is why DigitalHealthPartners was founded in 2020.


MedtechPartners has contributed to the acceleration of medical innovations to improve healthcare for the last 14 years. We realize this acceleration by supporting innovation entrepreneurs with specific help questions and connecting them with experienced healthcare organizations, companies and investors. With DigitalHealthPartners we want to realize the same acceleration but then for Digital Health solutions for medical use.


We organize four DigitalHealthMeetings per year, where we invite three entrepreneurs per meeting to pitch their innovation and match to the DigitalHealthPartners for advice, help or collaborations.

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