Viewpoint Medical

Gaining access to peripheral veins is necessary to perform sample collection, transfusion and infusions of fluids or medications. Many patients admitted to hospital have non-visible or non-palpable veins, making it difficult to access, resulting in the delay of diagnosis and initiation of treatment. Furthermore, undergoing multiple (wrongly placed) venipunctures is very uncomfortable. The team has discovered an innovative solution that will enhance the efficiency and accuracy of venipuncture, showing better outcomes.

Viewpoint Medical develops an imaging device designed to highlight and enhance the appearance of peripheral veins and assess in real time the vasculature that would otherwise be difficult to view. The product is a unique combination of an optical projection system, and image recognition software along with machine learning. This combination provides high-definition imaging and an estimate of the best puncture site for each individual patient, increasing needle placement on the first attempt and mitigating clinical complications.