We believe successful innovation requires an integrated approach focused on value creation. Therefore, we manage towards the ‘sweet spot of innovation’: the integration of technology, business and design innovation. Verhaert delivers managed innovation services integrating those disciplines through the entire process, from strategy over product development towards the launch of your new product.

Our experts are generalists, making the difference by approaching highly conceptual and complex matters in a very pragmatic and tangible way.

Verhaert Medical is an ISO 13485 certified division and is primed to increase the return of investment from innovation in the medical market. We are experienced in managing novel, complex and multidisciplinary projects and focus on the reduction of project risks.

We specifically focus on the key trends in healthcare:

  • Personalized healthcare
  • Companion diagnostics & therapeutic drug monitoring
  • Minimal invasive treatments & surgery
  • Creation of patient loyalty
  • Personal health management

Verhaert Medical is a program of the Verhaert Group to address specific market segments and needs, sharing technology and know-how in various application domains; Connected healthcare, Diagnostics & Life sciences, Drug delivery, Implants, Ophthalmic, Surgical devices.