The Sleep Company

Roughly 6 to 12% of the western population suffers from a form of sleep apnea. 55% is position related: more than half of the apnea attacks occur during back sleeping. Current products on the market mainly have two major disadvantages: discomfort from a strap or wearable and therapy dependence on actually wearing and turning on the product by the sleeper.

The Sleep Company’s objective is to improve quality of life through better night rest for sleepers suffering from breathing problems and their (bed) partners. The first product to launch is a solution for Positional Sleep Apnea. Comparable to the SPT, it is based on a proven concept of using vibration to change sleeping position. The product is the next generation device in position training solutions. A sheet in the bed detects position and gives a vibration response. As this function is implemented, instead of being a wearable, the product allows contactless monitoring and feedback. The product has multiple USP’s: no interference with natural sleep habits or comforts; no discomfort for sleeper or bed partner; increased therapy loyalty; easy to use; and significantly more cost efficient than current golden standards.