It often occurs that neonates at neonatal intensive care units contract a bloodstream infection, which is a deadly threat in these vulnerable patients. A frequent cause for bloodstream infections in neonates is caused by insufficient hand hygiene. Research within the Erasmus MC has shown that the hand hygiene protocol is not always complied properly, the protocol is often too short or incorrectly executed.

The Tap2Clean product consists of a touchless alcohol dispense system which gives the user direct feedback using a timer, a light and video instructions. The system keeps track of the compliance which is being stored in a cloud environment. The gathered data can be monitored to analyze and improve the compliance. The product makes it easier for the user to comply to the hand hygiene protocol at specific departments which will reduce the risk of infections in patients. It replaces the current hand cleaning manual located above the sinks with an interactive system including direct feedback. The product creates awareness for specific hand hygiene compliance by giving the user direct feedback during the process.