2 million people in the Netherlands suffer from backpain. 75% of them (1,5 million people!) visit the physiotherapist yearly, with a cost of over € 300 million. The best solution for backpain is a good and relaxed posture, but people have great difficulties to learn this, simply because they forget to practice their posture. Current methods focus on a better posture and less stress, but they lack a means to help the patient to form a new habit and structurally improve this. Forming a new habit can only be done by practicing repeatedly over a long period.

Re-Mind’s technology is a small wearable that reminds the user with a soft vibration to obtain a good and relaxed posture for many times per hour. It is designed for ease-of-use: simply switch on, put it in your pocket and every time it vibrates you improve your posture and relaxation. This allows patients to repeatedly build a habit. With the product patients can really train their improved posture and force it to become a new habit. It helps patients to finally get in control over one of their main life problems. The product is extremely easy to operate and can therefore be used by almost any patient. It gives the user control over something that is perceived as very simple (improve posture), but is in fact very difficult (changing a habit). The product is very small and can be used without other people noticing it. It is a private solution for a personal problem.