Praxa Sense

Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most common heart rhythm disease in the developed world. When left untreated, it significantly increases the chances of getting a stroke, which can leave patients disabled or worse. Early detection of AF can lead to lowered mortality. It is hard to detect AF in its earlier stages, due to the infrequency of episodes. Long-term monitoring improves the chances of finding early stage AF. However, long-term monitoring is currently very expensive, since large parts of the data has to be analyzed manually.

Praxa Sense’s innovation is a small hardware device that contains multiple sensors. It can be worn by patients for a month while continuously collecting data. By combining data input from multiple sensors, motion artefacts can be minimized. This enlarges the effectiveness of advanced algorithms, automating the data analysis for 95-98%. Long-term data collecting is made possible, since less personnel is required to analyze the data. This enables early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases like Atrial Fibrillation.