The transfusion of red blood cells is often life-saving. In high-income countries, blood transfusion is a concern for morbidity, infections and costs. Low-income countries have a minimum shortage of 17┬ámillion units of donor blood.The use of patients’ own blood for transfusion increases blood quality, availability and decreases blood transfusion costs. Therefore, Blood Management programs promote the use of patients’ own blood for transfusions.

HemoClear’s product is a blood filter, live capturing Red Blood Cells from patients shed blood. The patented filter captures Red Blood Cells (RBC) from patients shed blood and separates them from other fluids and plasma, with a high degree of specificity. After filtering, the RBCs are re-infused (autologous blood transfusion) and the plasma fluid is disposed together with toxins and pathological elements. The filter procedure does not require extensive training, equipment, electricity, nor a sterile environment.